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Gas Booster Belts from Spel-Gate Industrial
Gas Booster Belts

We are both manufacturers and distributors
of a range of specialist belting products.

Included within our stock for same day despatch by 1st class post, are the full range of
Esband (the original O.E.M) produced PU11 & PU12 yellow truly endless belts used for Gas Boosters.

Listed below are the Gas Booster manufacturers details and part no.'s plus the belt size detail for confirmation.
All of these belts are in stock for posting the same day if ordered by 4.30pm.
(note that we maintain at least a stock of 10 pieces each size with 50+ of the popular sizes)

The prices quoted are per belt and include postage.
For large quantities please contact us via the form at the end of the page for possible discounts.

Manufacturer Manufacturer
Part No.
Belt Type
Belt Size
Price £
Price £
Nuway G28-017X PU11 840 x 20 £14.54 £17.45
Nuway G28-020E PU11 610 x 11 £13.04 £15.65
Nuway G28-019H PU11 1040 x 25 £18.16 £21.79
Nuway G28-018G PU11 890 x 20 £14.54 £17.45
Secomak A9118 PU12 830 x 20 £15.80 £18.96
Secomak A539 PU12 890 x 20 £15.80 £18.96
Secomak A11658 PU12 640 x 12.5 £14.76 £17.71
Secomak A14652 PU12 960 x 20 £16.46 £19.75
Secomak A9727 PU12 1100 x 25 £20.60 £24.72
Secomak 1025-0690 PU12 950 x 20 £16.46 £19.75
Secomak 1025-0690 NE22 950 x 20 £19.24 £23.09

NE22 is a special high spec belt in black

Spel-Gate Industrial are a specialist belting company, producing a range of transmission belts
and a UK distributor for the range of Shingle Belting, USA rubber and leather drive belts, plus Beha Belt,
Germany's range of round and 'V' section PU belting. Please visit our main website.

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The day to day contact within the business will be Phil with his 30 plus years background knowledge and experience,
whilst Lynn is busy behind the scenes with the mountains of paperwork that we all love to endure.

We welcome visits from our customers (and some suppliers!) to the workshop and if your ever in the area
we would welcome a visit, we have a constantly hot kettle with tea, coffee, and even oxo always on offer, plus a selection of biscuits
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We look forward to welcoming you as a customer, offering a service you will remember,a service where we try to work with foresight not hindsight and a service that will encourage you to return not only today but tomorrow as well.

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